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Monday, June 20, 2016

The King's Fate

Hello my book loving family!!! Oh my gosh how I have missed blogging . . . and reading.  Seriously lol.  After achieving my Bachelors in Healthcare Administration, and working full time in a hospice (which is my second passion), I have had to find time to read lol.  But, enough about that, let's get down to business.  Oh how I have missed you.

I met Rissa Blakely through my friend EF Rose through Facebook when she fan girled over Shattered Lives lol.  I figured I would give it a try, and after reading her books and getting to know her through Facebook, I absolutely adore her.  She funny and she is serious about her writing.  When she announced about The King's Fate and how it is completely out of her norm, I was intrigued.  Why?  Because it had paranormal beings.  Yes, my favorite formula for a great cannot put down the book . . . book.

Now, to introduce my review on it, let me educate you a little bit if this is all new to you.  The main character, Leolin Kyffin, an incubus.  What is an incubus? Here is where the education comes in: an incubus (male) and a succubus (female) are demon like creatures who can have sex with a sleeping human.  That's right, they can enter someone's dream and can create an unforgettable moment.  Fancy.

Anyways, back to the point.  Leolin is married to a succubus, Louise Bach, who cannot have children.  So Leo finds a vampire and enters her dream and conceives a child.  This, right here is a big no-no in this world.  From the ruling of King Zachariah.

I'm almost done explaining because I don't want to give too much away lol.  So Leo and Louise plot to kill King Zachariah.  Well, plans do not go to well, and Leo plots revenge.  He enters the King's dream as his unborn child and creates what he believes what his son would look like as a grown man.  Thus, begins a whirlwind of different happenings.

The book consists of a lot of male on male sex scenes.  I am all a out different characters and the way they live.  Another reason why I love this book.  It's different and interesting, and it is hard to literally put down because you want to know what happens next.  I love The Black Dagger Brotherhood, I love the Fever series, I love the Merry Gentry series.  To have a book that focuses mainly on an incubus is new to me, and I love it.  To add this to my list of fairies and vampires, and others.

Thank you Rissa for bringing these characters into our world, and to expose us to new beginnings!!!

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